Haus of Blues – Purebred Blue Great Danes

When You Visit Us

When you visit here is what you can expect.

Wear flat shoes as we ask everyone to step into a foot wash basin. The foot wash contains a liquid antiseptic that prevents any germs being tracked into the house.

You will be asked to put surgical footies over your shoes after the shoe wash.

You will be asked to put hand sanitizer on your hands.

Please keep children under control as this whole situation can stress Mom dog out. We try to limit the level of noise.

There will be barking! We have 5 (sometimes more) adult dogs in the house. They are doing their jobs by barking. It will be noisy! They are not being aggressive. They are only saying “hello” or letting me know there is someone unfamiliar in the house.

I try to set up chairs for everyone. It is helpful if you let me know how many people will be coming.

My house is a mess, always and sometimes it stinks too. Again, I have 5 or more giant dogs. I do my best but with 5+ giant dogs, 4+ cats, 3 kids and a husband, it can be hard to keep up. So just have pity on me.