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What Should I Feed My Great Dane Puppy?


Why Do Great Danes Need Specialized Diets?

Great Danes, and especially Great Dane puppies require very specialized diets. The reason, in short, is proper growth.
Great Dane puppies grow very fast. Though that may initially not sound like such a bad thing, it is.
When the protein in a Great Dane puppy’s food is too high, they will grow too fast and a few things can happen. 

  1. wobblers syndrome
    wobblers syndrome

    1. 1. Wobbler Syndrome aka Cervical spondylomyelopathy (CSM). Basically when a Great Puppy grows too fast, it affects the vertebrae in the spine and neck. This disease shows up in dogs less than 2 years of age. In the simplest terms, wobbler disease is because the canal of the vertebrae gets too thin which is because of the degeneration of dorsal articular facets and then the joints and ligaments. If your puppy has Wobbler’s, you will know it by their gait.


    2. 2. Growing pains. A few our puppies had growing pains. They would just wake up and start screaming.

What Is The Proper Protein Amount To Give My Great Dane Puppy?

The theory is, less that 26% but I think that is still too high. It is why I like the Natural Balance Adult Limited Ingredient. It is 21% protein and 1.0% calcium. Best Food for Great Dane Puppies

Now, there are some pups who can not handle the Natural Balance and if that is the case, then my next best food is the Kirkland Adult Dog Lamb, Rice and Vegetable Formula in the dark green bag.

There is also the raw diet. I had a dog that I dogsat for who was on raw and actually it was the BARF (Bones and Raw Food) diet. He had to be fed 4x a day, small meals, with several supplements. He had bloated before and so the parents had saved him, gotten him tacked, and started the BARF diet. I know there are canine nutritionists out there who know a lot more than I do on raw diets. So if you are thinking about raw, I would consult with one before starting the program. In addition, ask your Vet. Although my experience has been that Vets do not know as much about the raw diets as the nutritionists.

How Long Should My Great Dane Be on Low Protein Food?

At least 18 months but preferably 2 years. With mine, they have stayed on the Kirkland since they were 2 years.

Can I Feed My Great Dane Puppy Food?

No. Regular puppy food has too much protein! Remember, you do not have a normal dog. You do not even have a large dog. You have a giant breed dog. That is a very specialized category of dog that most companies do not cater to. So remember, whatever product you are looking at, view it with the mindset that you have a GIANT dog not a large or extra large dog. There *is* a difference!

What Are The Best Foods To Feed My Great Dane Puppy?

As puppies, I recommend Natural Balance Adult Limited Ingredient and as adults, I recommend Kirkland Adult Dog Lamb, Rice and Vegetable Formula in the dark green bag.

What Are The Best Foods To Feed My Adult Great Dane?

Because of the grain-free causing cardiomyopathy, foods that I used to use I can no longer recommend. So I am sticking with the recommendation of Kirkland Adult Dog Lamb, Rice and Vegetable Formula  for now. As I find other foods that work well, I will list them here.