Haus of Blues – Purebred Blue Great Danes


Rufus von Haus of Blues


Height*: 33″
Weight: 170lbs

Canine Kennel Club (CKC)
North American Purebred Registry (NAPR)

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Goes by: Rufus, Goofus, Doofus, Roofie, Roof-The-Goof


Rufus is 25% Euro, meaning 12.5% of any puppy coming from his line will have Euro in them.

The Amercianized Great Dane breed has a sleeker snout and less jowls. This also means they generally have less drool.

Rufus' Lineage

Rufus’ father was named Zuko. His registered AKC name was Lj’s Danes Raising Kaine Across the Ar. He was whelped on Aug 12, 2014 and his AKC registry number was WS48090105.

His grandfather is Josh’s Gentle Giant Kamoflauge AKC WS38178404

However, once Zuko’s current owners adopted him, they renamed him Zuko Zionic Zax. AKC papers for Rufus couldn’t be obtained because his Mom, Kense, was not registered (I think). Anyway, Rufus is amazing and healthy and that is what we care about the most.

Rufus’s dad is Blue colored, and his Mom was Black.

   Rufus’ Dad

Rufus’ Mom

Rufus’ Grandfather


Chiron von Haus of Blues


Height*: 34″
Weight: 150lbs (still growing)
Birthdate: 01/29/18

AKC WS60136601

American Kennel Club (AKC)

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Goes by: Chi (kai)


Chiron is 37.5% Euro meaning, 12.75% of any puppy coming from Chiron’s line has Euro in them *not including the dam’s lines*. 

Chiron came out of Pony Field Farm in West Virginia.

Chiron’s Health Test Results

    • Pre-OFA good. He can’t be fully OFA certified until he is 2.
    • Thyroid good.
    • OFA Eyes good, see certification below.

Chiron -OFA-Eyes
Chiron OFA Eyes
Chiron von Haus of Blues

Chiron's Parents

Tiny TBone - Chirons Dad
Tiny TBone - Chirons Dad
Cali Quick Silver Back Baby - Chiron's Mom
Cali Quick Silver Back Baby - Chiron's Mom