Haus of Blues – Purebred Blue Great Danes

Blue Great Dane Puppies Available

How to get a Haus of Blues Puppy

  1. Fill out the Puppy Application
  2. Please read the Sample Contract. If you have any questions or problems with it, I like to address those before any exchange of money. 
  3. Please read the Health Guarantee. If you have any questions or problems with it, I like to address those before any exchange of money. 
  4. Email me and let me know that you read the contract and health guarantee and you understand it. Let me know what puppy you are interested in.
  5. Put a refundable deposit down.
  6. Watch the Facebook and YouTube pages for weight updates, pictures, videos and live feeds.
  7. We will set a date for pick up time and place when your puppy is 8 weeks old.

The Chiron X Leia Litter is HERE



-First pick girl has been reserved-
-First pick boy has been reserved-

Chiron x Leia puppies will be on a limited AKC registration (no breeding rights), unless otherwise agreed on.

  • Chiron in OFA Eyes certified, *Pre-OFA hips certified, thyroid normal
  • Leia is OFA Eyes certified
Puppies are $2000 with a $500 refundable deposit.
*To be hip OFA certified, dogs must be 2 years of age or older. Chiron will be 2 on Jan 28th but was x-rayed for Pre-OFA hip certification.
Please remember that though we test, that does not mean your pup will be free of issues. In genetics, there are a lot of surprises. Recessive genes can not be accounted for, no matter how much testing we do.
 Please make sure you see our YouTube Channel for a live feed of Puppies. Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe!
Puppies were born on Christmas and will be ready to go home on February 19th.
They will come with Limited AKC (unless otherwise agreed upon)
First Shots
Vet Check
Litterbox Trained

Puppy Pedigree below
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Sire- Chiron Von Haus of Blues

Chiron von Haus of Blues

Dam – Leia Von Haus of Blues


Available AKC Chiron x Leia Puppies

Deposits are $500 and refundable
Total Price is $2000

Hot Pink – Girl

Light Pink Collar – Girl

Orange Collar – Girl

Light Blue Collar – Girl

Yellow Collar – Girl

Male – Aqua Collar

Red Collar- Boy

Male- Brown Collar

Rufus x Willow puppies are here!

Birth started 12/30/18 at 6am this morning.
We have 2 girls and 5 boys so far as of 11:21am.
Willow passed her thyroid but her hips were not as in place as I like to see. It was, therefore, my decision to pull her from the breeding program, get her fixed, and rehome her to one of my puppy parents that I adore. When I made that decision, she was just going into heat so I decided to wait to get her fixed. My daughter is special needs and though she is sweet and helpful, sometimes she forgets things. It was Rufus’ lucky day. And because Rufus’ knows what he is doing, it was a one and done situation.
What are the chances?
So this litter is meant to be!
Yes, some would say I could have opted to abort, but why? Just because *I* personally do not like the way Willow’s hips sit, does not mean she is not an amazing, gorgeous sweet dog and well, you all know Rufus. I mean, who does not want a Rufus puppy? Even the Vet said her hips were fine, they just did not sit in tightly. I agreed.
Willow is a solid dark blue, super sweet, solid-boned, and stout. So these puppies are going to be tanks.
They will come with CKC registration. Because we never got Rufus’ AKC papers, we can’t register the puppies with the AKC.
Will the puppies have bones issues? I can not say. Even looking at Willow’s Xrays, the Vet said, she may or may not have issues, no one can ever say for sure.
Any breeder will tell you, and I have said it as well, I test but that does not mean that some recessive gene won’t come out and give a dog an issue. Genetics are funny like that. I hate testing for that exact reason. It gives a false sense of security.
So, the pricing and everything is on the site. Please feel free to ask me anything at all.

Here is Willow’s Pedigree. 
Here is Rufus’ Pedigree

Puppies are $700.

Sire – Rufus Von Haus of Blues

Haus of Blues - Rufus von Haus of Blues - Purebred Blue Great DAne

Dam – Willow Von Haus of Blues


Available Rufus + Willow Puppies

Deposits are $100 and refundable
Total Price is $700

Brown Collar Boy –