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Best food for Great Dane Puppies

Please see the latest information on Cardiomyopathy and foods that are causing it in Great Danes.

This food has low protein with the proper calcium-magnesium ratio for regulated growth. It is also NOT grain-free. Other Natural Balance Limited Ingredient foods MAY be. So please be careful. The dark green bag is the one you should be getting (pictured).

If Great Dane puppies have too much protein, they can grow too fast and get what is called Wobblers.
Wobblers is a disorder of the vertebrae that affects the spinal cord. It can also be called, cervical vertebral instability, cervical vertebral malformation or CVMM for short.
In addition, if your puppy grows too fast, it can be very painful.
Signs that your puppy is growing too fast:
Sudden crying
Clearly showing pain
Aggression and fear

The general rule of thumb is no more than 25% protein should be fed to a Great Dane puppy. We try to keep ours around 21%. Please always follow your Vet’s advice. We are not Veterinarians and this is not veterinary advice.


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