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Great Dane Chewing

You have your perfect little puppy. Your puppy is the most amazing puppy in the world! You want to take him or her everywhere you go but, you can’t. You hate the thought of locking your baby in a kennel so you leave him or her out. You give lots of kisses and hugs and tell them to “be good”.

You rush out, get your errands done and rush back to your baby. 


Your perfect baby ate your perfect couch. 

Yes, Great Danes chew. They can chew for so many reasons. Boredom, teething, stress, anxiety or because they are dogs. Whatever the reason, unless you have concrete furniture, you need to fix the problem. 


I never believed in kenneling until I heard a trainer once put it into perspective for me. In the wild dogs seek out caves. The caves provide protection and allow them to rest comfortably. Great Danes are definitely far removed from their wild ancestors however, they still do like having their own spaces.

So, I tested the theory. I bought my Great Dane a kennel. I covered it with a black sheet, put a bed in there. Sure as -beep- Babar

Great Dane Kenneling
Babar in his kennel

went in, laid down and was clearly happy. Now, did he stop sleeping in my bed with my husband, my son and I? Gosh NO! He did go in there to rest and then as time went on, if he got in trouble, he would go in there and put himself in a “time-out”. 

I need to add a little something about that time-out situation. Putting your dog in their kennel as a punishment will associate punishment (bad thing) with the kennel (good thing). So if your dog has been bad, you need a time-out space that is not their kennel. You do not want them hating their kennel as you will be using it for several other things.

RAWHIDE IS BADRawhide is bad! 

Rawhide can get stuck in the GI tract and cause all kinds of issues. So please avoid Rawhide at all costs. Make sure you read labels because manufacturers consistently try to make the rawhide look yummier or different. I am not saying they are evil, I am saying, they are manufacturers that like to keep their product line up-to-date and selling. My point is, read label.

Rope Toys

So having a rope toy as something to play with is fine. As in, tug-o-war but once play time is over, it needs to be put away. The goal here is no chewing of the rope. Dane tend to like to pull apart rope toys. This too can back up their GI tract. So, rope toys only under supervision and put away when they are not supervised.

The Unmentionables

Watch out for sock, undies, etc. These can quickly become chew toys and then end up in tummies. Same as above, they can back up the GI tract.


Remember you are dealing with a giant dog here. NOT a large dog. There is a difference, especially in the world of pet manufacturing. Very few dog-centric companies actually cater to the giant breeds and so as a Dane owner, you need to be hyper aware of that. Case and point. Dog balls. Go ahead and giggle. I am talking about the Petsmart or whatever brand you’d like tennis balls. They are too small and too weak to be good for Danes without supervision. IF you are one of the rare people that has a Dane that fetches (are you sure you have a Dane? LOL), tennis balls are likely your go-to for a little fetch (fetch? are you sure you have a Dane? LOL). Tennis balls are fine but you need to make sure your Dane is trained to “drop it”meaning, when you tell them to release that ball, they do, instantly. It can happen very quickly that they bite down, swallow and choke. So let’s say you have the rare Dane that fetches. Are there other options to tennis balls? Yes. The Chew King LARGE 4″ two pack solves the issue of popping a tennis ball. However, again, I would recommend only using these under supervision and during play time. Do not leave your Dane alone with any ball.

What is safe for Great Danes to chew?

Question of the century. So there are a few things. The Yak Milk bones are great. Sometimes they are called Himalayan Dog Bones or Yak Cheese Bones The only issues with them is that they do get chewed down to a small numb that can be choked on. So again, supervision. When the Yak Milk bone gets to a danger level, about 3 inches, pop into the microwave. It makes it into a puff. Be sure it is cooled down before giving it to your baby. Thus far the only chew I have felt safe with leaving in the kennel are the harder bones by Nylabone. I have not had a dog chew through one yet. Goat hooves are ok but they are still too small for me to be comfortable with them. I recently found Buffalo hooves. I have not tried but they have to be larger than a goat’s hooves. As soon as I try them, I will update the page to let you all know how they did. There are cow hooves too. I have not tried those either. The stuffed hooves look nice but with a Dane tummy, I am not sure I would trust the stuffing. It is better to buy an empty hoof and stuff it yourself with something healthier. Peanut butter seems to be the go-to for stuffing things. I have given peanut butter to my dogs but not much. Remember it is high in fat. Not usually a problem but, those Dane tummies! So I like to get soft treats and mash them in there. You can get the Cloud Star low calorie treats if your Dane is overweight. Because there are not many treats in the bag, I try to add some other things on top otherwise you’ll use the whole bag of treats in one chew session. The point with these chews is to keep them busy. So I try to make it as hard as possible. If your dog needs to gain weight, I use these for pregnant or nursing moms and my thin dogs. Miracle Vet Weight Gaining Chews.

If you have a puppy and you want to stuff their hoof or horn, Natural Balance has a Limited Ingredient Soft Treat.

There are other things that I do for my thin dogs. I talk about it here on this page. 

Another chew I did like was the Buffalo Horn

They last forever. I have never had one chewed through yet. The only thing I do not like is that sharp edges do form. So I just file those down or cut them off. The best thing about the horns is that you can really stuff them and keep your Dane busy for a very long time. Be sure you wash the horn out after a few days to keep anything from rotting that make get into the tip. Another idea is so just snip that tip off a little bit. Make sure you file down for sharp edges, then you can run water all the way through it and get it clean. I have never used a dishwasher for the horns. I am crazy weird about chemicals and I am always convinced that there residual dishwasher liquid. Crazy Dane lady here!

Other chews I like:

I like pig ears (pig snouts) but I am hearing they too can get caught in the intestinal tract. Also, they are greasy and I have had a Dane have a bad reaction to that much grease. 

There are now cow ears too but I have not tried them. I think I would use the same logic with cow ears that I do pig ears. They may get stuck in the intestinal tracts so I am not sure I would want to try them. Always ask your the Dane community and your Vet though.

There are sweet potato chews. From the standpoint of health, these are better than greasy pig ears. I am not sure how well the break down. I would imagine that they are like banana chips. So these are likely less a chew and more a treat. But, if you have tried them and like them, let me know.

Trachea are good but they last like 1 minute.

Bully sticks are kind of a combination of everything I just said. They last a hot minute and they can give your dog diarrhea. They can be quite pricey too. 
It seems like the braided bully sticks would give a little more of a challenge but they don’t. They still last a hot minute and then they are gone.

So what about plushies? We have tried SO many and only one has stood the test of time and several Great Danes. This ugly thing was on sale and we bought it. No way would I have bought it if it were not on sale. I think it was like a $50 toy! I did some research to find them and this one is no longer around but I see some other similar ones. Now, the brand itself is fine but none of their other toys lasted. Just this one. So I recommend finding similar toys. The maker is Top Paw Tuff. I saw that the brand was being carried by PetSmart with “Bite Shield”, whatever that means but I am not seeing these particular toys.

top paw tufftop paw tough gorilla top paw tufftop paw tough lion jpg

For puppies I really love those little plushies with the water bottles in the middle of them. They love the crunchy crunchy and because they are still tiny, they last awhile. They adult dogs like them too but it does not take long for them to pull that poor plushie into pieces.