Haus of Blues – Purebred Blue Great Danes


Do you health test?

Our current (and last) CKC litter of puppies, the parents are not health tested. We have two past litters. This is Pippa’s last litter. She will be spayed, her tailed docked and she will get gastroplexy. Based on the last two litters, we have had 1 case of bloat, 1 case of muzzle acne, 2 umblical hernias and we had a few shy ones.
Muzzle acne can be solved through changing bowls and talking to your Vet about getting a topical cream, usually benzoyl peroxide.
Umblical cord hernias are a simple surgical fix. They cost around $75 and that is a cost we cover. They need to be fixed early on. There are two schools of thought on why they happen. One is that it is hereditary. The other is that Mom pulled on the cord too hard or overcleaned the area.
As far as bloat, no one really knows why it happens. It is very common with barrel chested breeds. They aren’t sure if it is genetic or environmental, or both. It is one of the most common killers of Danes. Talk to your Vet about Gastroplexy.

Our AKC lines are health tested.

  • Penn-Hip (OFA in 2020)
  • CERF
  • Cardiac
  • Thyroid

The AKC lines will start in 2020

Why didn’t you health test your CKC line?

I feel very torn about health testing because it does not guarantee a healthy dog. I would rather someone be overly vigiliant about taking their puppy to the vet for every bump than sit back and think nothing bad will ever happen because the parents had “good health testing results”. I am testing my AKC line because I have to but if I could get away with not testing, I would. 

What is a Backyard Breeder?

A backyard breeder is someone who does not breed their dogs responsibly. That means, they do not health test before breeding. They do not participate in selective breeding, by keeping in mind what is best for the breed in mind before they breed. The breeding is for monetary gain rather than bettering the breed. To further the definition, many backyard breeders will get rid of the mothers once they are no longer either able to breed or are aging out of breeding. Backyard breeding can be compared to puppy mills except the obvious difference of being an actual person’s backyard rather than a warehouse full of puppies. That’s not to say that the two situations never intersect, they do. There can be a backyard with hundreds of puppies and likewise, a company can be breeding from a backyard.

Are you a backyard breeder?

At this point I believe that everyone has been called a backyard breeder out of competitiveness, spite, and not knowing what they are talking about. Do I have a backyard? Yes. Did I health test my CKC line? No. Why did I breed by CKC line? Well, if you knew Rufus and Pippa, you would not even ask. The moment I had Rufus, I knew he was a gift and that his line had to be continued. I bred the two most amazing Danes in the world. The result? The most amazing puppies in the world. If you don’t believe me, I encourage you to visit our Facebook Group and just ask the moms and dads. The gift that Rufus and Pippa have given to these families can never be called anything other than amazing. If I am called a backyard breeder for that, then thank you. I will wear that title proudly.

How do you feel about ear cropping?

I personally do not like it. I personally do not see a need for it. When you crop you really never know what you are going to get. If the crop is too short, too long, or you don’t follow the correct procedures or…on and on and on….you may end up with the worst looking ears. No thanks! I’ll take the floppy cute ears any day!

What do you look for when you place a puppy?

I will want to know if you have had a Dane before. What dogs you have now. How old are your kids? 

Do you ship puppies?

I used to send them with my trusted ground shipper but unfortunately he was killed in 2019 in a car accident. I will only ship via a ground shipper, never a plane. 

Where are you located?

We are in Tucson.

Do you meet people anywhere to deliver puppies?

We deliver up to Casa Grande for free. We could probably easily be talked into going up to Las Vegas ;D

Will you hold our puppy for us until we are ready?

Yes, of course!

Do you take payments?

We used to, until this last litter. It only took one person to ruin that. But talk to me and let me see what I can do for you. I have more good luck with it than not.

Do you offer a health guarantee?

I will always take my dogs back, at any age, for any reason. I do not cover Vet, travel or training bills. This goes for both CKC and AKC lines.
Remember, that it is so important that you feed them the correct food because you can alter their bone growth and density for life. 
I will always be here for support for the life of the dog to answer any questions. If I can’t answer them, I will call my Vet for advice and get back to you. 
For my AKC lines, I will send you my health guarantee before any deposit is exchanged so that you can run it by your attorney, Vet or other breeders. I want you to feel comfortable getting one of my pups. But saying all that, I want you to understand that though legally dogs are chattel, I want *you* to see them as a family member. To me they are not just chattel, they are like children. I honestly hate all this health guarantee stuff but I do understand it. It just feels like a prenuptial agreement to me.