Pippa von Haus of Blues

CKC Registered

Goes by: Pip, Pips, Pip-Pip-Hooray

Pippa came out of Priceless Ranch in Wittman, AZ
Her dad was Lorcan the Lican Slayer
Mom was Ayonawn’s Caomne
Pippa’s Mom and Dad were blues and both CKC registered.

Willow von Haus of Blues

138lbs (still growing)
Birthdate: 01/14/2018

AKC Registered

Goes by: Wills, Wilhelmina

This girl is almost solid blue and stout! She is out of Milsap Danes in Kansas. She is incredible sweet and friendly. We just adore her so much! 

Leia von Haus of Blues

120lbs (still growing)
Birthdate: 09/03/2018

AKC WS62361208

Goes by: maleia-maleia, boo-boos
Not quite full grown yet.
Birthday 09/03/2018

Leia is the world’s best dog. NO KIDDING. We are beyond blessed to have her and plan on keeping at least one, probably more, of her puppies